DP cajons are handcrafted, high-quality instruments that will suit both the professional musician and the novice in equal measure.

At DP, we manufacture exceptional instruments for demanding musicians. The product range extends from the basic Tineo and Zebrano models to the professional Macassar and Palisander models. Every musician gets the ideal instrument for their needs, regardless of age and ability.

DP cajons are instruments that can replace an entire drum kit and are therefore suitable for any occasion, genre and level of expertise. Each instrument is handcrafted, one-of-a-kind and made from different exotic kinds of wood covering the whole range of sounds, from the deep bass to the responsive snare and the precise “click” sound. Each DP handcrafted cajon is made very precisely, which is also reflected in the sound quality as well as design.

After years of testing for various improvements, we realized that wood finish plays an important part of the overall cajon sound. That is why we put a lot of stock in natural wood oils and finishes that do not stifle natural wood resonance but instead refine the sound. Adjustable snare wires enable each individual percussionist to control the responsiveness of the snare effect. When finished, each DP cajon is thoroughly tested by a professional percussionist, Dominik Pavlenič.

Quick school

Listen and learn how to play a cajon

Beginners can learn basic strokes and simpler rhythms, and for those more experienced in playing a cajon, there are also videos of more advanced strokes and rhythms.
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Who are we?

Every cajon is a story in and of itself and the story of our first cajon is an interesting one.
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