Our story

The begining

Our company representative, Dominik, had his cajon, which was a birthday present from his father, stolen from his car after a concert. Since Dominik was left without his instrument, Dušan decided to build one himself. Using just basic DIY tools that were lying around the house, he built it in their attic. It became immediately apparent that this handcrafted cajon sounded better than the one bought in a store. Because Dušan is a perfectionist, he was sure that he could make it even better.

That’s how our story began…


Each cajon is handmade and unique!

We honed our skills over the years by trying out different types of wood and discovered what gives the DP cajons their distinctive sound. So now we offer cajons with specially selected types of wood, such as palisander, padauk, macassar, cherry, olive…

The most audible feature of DP cajons is the large contrast between the deep, resonating bass and the precise and responsive snare. When hitting the upper corners of the instrument, you get a “click” sound, which contributes to the diversity of the instrument, which can be used to replace an entire drum kit.

A family company

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed and the demand for our cajons is increasing. The whole family has joined forces in this enterprise. Each family member plays a specific role.

Dominik Pavlenič

Dominik Pavlenič studies percussion at the University of Music and performing arts Graz. After years of playing various cajons, he has gained considerable knowledge that he now applies to testing each individual DP instrument. He is the initiator of sound-related alterations and improvements. He is the main representative of DP products.

Davorin Pavlenič
Social media manager

Davorin Pavlenič helps to make cajons and is a website administrator. He provides all the photos and videos of DP products as well as manages social media.

Dušan Pavlenič
Cajon manufacturer

Dušan Pavlenič is a professional musician, a guitar teacher and the head of manufacture in DP. He is the implementer of all ideas, suggestions and improvements. He is the man behind each and every cajon.